Here's the 'Reno 911' Reunion We've Been Waiting Five Years For

The Reno Sheriff's Department is back on duty.

It's been five years since the cult Comedy Central show Reno 911! disappeared from the airwaves, and Thursday the characters reminded us how much that loss still stings. Lt. Dangle (Tom Lennon), Deputy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney-Silver) and Deputy Travis Junior (Ben Garant) reunited on Thursday's episode of @midnight, a late-night Comedy Central game show. 

The trio, wearing their questionable police garb, sparred over Internet-related games with host Chris Hardwick to celebrate the release of the show's DVD box set. In the clip below, they judge a criminal's mug shot and try to guess what crime was committed. 

Their sharpness will make you mourn the show's death and maybe rush out to get the DVDs, which we guess is the point.