This Brilliant Invention Could Change Every Coffee Drinker's Life Forever


Is your nearest Starbucks more than 100 feet away? Fear not, weary caffeine junkie. A startup has invented an on-the-go coffee maker.

Dubbed the Minipresso, the travel-sized gadget brews fresh coffee in the palm of your hand. "The cylindrical system works by pressing hot water, stored in a thermos, through [tamped] grounds, resulting in a smooth and creamy shot," Huh magazine explains

The Minipresso's cap also doubles as a cup, turning the invention into a full-service coffee shop -- minus the misspelled name on the to-go cup.

Wacaco, the Hong Kong-based company behind the lifesaving device, describes it as the world's "smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine." It weighs less than a pound and uses Keurig-like capsules, so no worries about coffee grains spilling into your Herschel backpack. 

A price hasn't been set for the Minipresso, set to hit stores next year. But for coffee snobs who'd rather die than down Dunkin' Donuts, the cost is the last thing to worry about.