This 'SNL' Sketch Nails Exactly What It's Like to Return Home for the Holidays

Everyone's favorite Saturday Night Live lady rappers returned for a very special holiday-themed music video.

In "Back Home Baller," the ladies were joined by guest host Cameron Diaz to rap about the benefits about returning home for Thanksgiving — i.e. we all take advantage of our parents' house because it's the closest we'll get to staying in a five-star hotel.

There's nothing better than free wi-fi, seeing a fridge stocked with food that isn't ramen and running a round of laundry for just one sock. The women rap that their "parents are real happy to see us, so they're going to treat us like queens," exclaiming, "This may be their house, but for the next four days, we 'bout to run this bitch."

The part that probably hits closest to home is the mind-bogglingly long wi-fi password because our parents can't figure out how to change it. "The password started with 17 0s," the ladies sing, before hilariously mocking the next two dozen characters that likely follow it, usually a mish-mosh of capital letters and more numbers.

If you're heading home this week, have fun running that bitch.