Watch Jon Stewart Tear Apart the CIA for Their Sickening Torture Tactics


Jon Stewart wants to throw up.

That was the Daily Show host's reaction upon hearing the Senate report on the CIA's torture tactics. Timed for a blockbuster "Christmas release," as Stewart said Tuesday, documented the inhumane torture of suspected terrorists that the Senate deemed was brutal, incompetently executed and grossly ineffective at keeping America safe.

Stewart summed up his reaction by showing a clip of from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life that's just a man projectile vomiting. 

"You know, it's funny. I just made this movie about a guy who triumphs over the inhuman conditions in his imprisonment in an authoritarian country, and I don't think they did half that shit to him," Stewart said, referencing his film Rosewater, about a journalist detained in Iran. 

Stewart then tore into the report's findings, saying the CIA lied to basically everyone in government and their dangerous tactics didn't produce anything meaningful. But it's worth noting his criticism isn't just reserved for former President George W. Bush: Stewart also tore into President Barack Obama for not authorizing the release of more damming documents.

"OK, but to be fair to the president, he was great on Colbert last night," Stewart said. "By the way, my guess is scheduling was not a coincidence."