Jimmy Fallon, One Direction and the Roots Give Us the Christmas Gift of Song


If you're waiting for that One Direction Christmas album, this might the be closest you'll get. 

Everyone's favorite Topman-wearing, fanfic-inspiring British boy band joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to sing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." Cutely wrapped in their most festive holiday apparel, the pop quintet dug out a variety of kids' classroom instruments and performed a delightful version of the Christmas classic:

Harry Styles was given drum duty, Liam Payne shook some coconuts, Zayn Malik lazily struck the triangle and Louis Tomlinson offered vocal support. Oh, and there was Niall Horan, who was given a banana. He didn't know why either, but it was adorable!

Here's a GIF of part of the song so you can relive this magical moment all year long without blasting Christmas music.