These Game Show Contestants Have Absolutely No Idea How Much an iPhone Costs


How much do you think an iPhone sells for? 

Reasonable people would probably guess, what, $100? Not these contestants on the The Price Is Right, who think that the Apple gadget costs as much as a used car. 

On a recent episode of the game show that's in its thousandth season of entertaining kids home sick from school and the elderly, host Drew Carey asked for the retail price of a brand-new 16-gigabyte iPhone 6. The first two players had no idea and just shouted out numbers. 


Uh, $7,500? Have they not bought a phone, any phone, within the past decade? Not even Carey can contain his bemusement of those ridiculous guesses. "I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this," he says.

At least the final two contestants were closer to the actual retail price of $1,969. Seems high, but this isn't the same as the price when subsidized by carriers. It also includes a year of unlimited talk and four gigabytes of data per month, so maybe after a few years this phone could reach that $7,000 price point — just not now.

h/t Time