Finally, Never Deal With Tangled Headphone Wires Ever Again


Say goodbye to tangled ear buds and hello to the future of in-ear amazingness.

At last week's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, German electronics company Bragi unveiled the Dash headphones, a wireless, waterproof answer to all your non-cordless concerns. 

The tiny buds are simple, but pack some powerful technology. Made out of silicone to ensure that it's completely waterproof, the gadget contains a fitness tracker that monitors the wearer's heart rate and keeps digital records of things like distance, steps, speed, turns, altitude and even G-force. Additionally, the Dash is Bluetooth-enabled and can attach to any Bluetooth device to play music — or, with its 4GB of native storage, can hold up to 1,000 songs on its own. All of this can be controlled through a simple series of taps or by connecting to a compatible smart phone. 

On top of the more obvious tech, the Verge notes that the Dash also utilizes a built-in accelerometer to make use of gestures or "macros." Users can access the weather report through a head nod or accept or reject a call with a simple head movement. 

"The world's first completely wireless, smart headphone system, offering freedom of movement, maximum comfort and amazing sound, all while audibly coaching, tracking movement and capturing key biometric data," the Berlin-based company claims. 

The Dash made a major impression at CES, winning the Best of Innovation award. But does it live up to its impressive billing? The Verge thinks so, calling them the "best headphones" they tried at the show. And to think, all of this came from a Kickstarter campaign that netted it nearly $3.4 million last year.

The Dash won't be cheap when goes on sale this spring at $299, but sometimes alleviating aggravation has a cost.