Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN Over Its Hysterical Blizzard Coverage


We can stop talking about Monday's dud blizzard now — Jon Stewart has spoken.

The Daily Show host mocked the media's coverage of the storm that piled snow across the Northeast: Reporters staring at clear roads! The Weather Channel's Michael Bay-inspired graphics! And then there was the newest innovation of storm reporting: "Anchor in a car!"

MSNBC host Chris Hayes and CNN's Don Lemon both rolled around in an SUV on Monday night in New York City — pointing out it was snowing. "You know Google Street View, right?" asked Stewart. "That would be a good show!"

It was Lemon, per usual, who took the brunt of Stewart's aggravation because "when there's innovation in the field of news gathering, we look to CNN for its worst iteration." That invention was the Blizzardmobile, a camera-equipped SUV.

"Settle down, Batman, it's a Ford Explorer," Stewart said. "And by the way, with the way you've been reporting lately, you're lucky you're not in an actual 'Blizzardmobile.'" Stewart then showed a photo of Lemon working in a Dairy Queen vehicle.

It was the hypocrisy that annoyed Stewart the most. He looped clips of CNN's coverage showing warnings to stay off the roads, but there's Lemon, in a car, in dangerous conditions. Either Lemon doesn't watch CNN, or "he thinks all it takes to upgrade a vehicle to emergency status is giving it a name ending in 'mobile.'"

Worse yet, Lemon's show CNN Tonight did the entire show in the SUV, including conducting a panel segment about "Deflategate" that's embroiling the New England Patriots. 

"You're doing the whole fucking show from the car?" Stewart screamed. "The car you're not supposed to be in, driving around, but you're driving in it anyway, so you can talk about Deflategate? You're not even talking about the weather."