Watch an Ice Climber Scale a Frozen Niagara Falls


Will Gadd, you're a crazy man.

The daredevil-slash-professional climber became the first person in the world to successfully scale a frozen portion of Niagara Falls on Tuesday — and it was all caught on tape

The climb, which was facilitated by Red Bull (obviously), shows the 47-year-old bravely battling pounding water and massive chunks of ice as he scales the 140-foot wall of ice with just two picks and a rope.

The brave climb took place at the northernmost part of Horseshoe Falls on Goat Island, which straddles the borders of the United States and Canada. Try not to lose your breath watching the slick one-minute video of the chilling conquest:

He makes it look easy, huh? It actually took him around an hour, but it sounds like he wasn't very scared.

"The power of the falls is staggering," Gadd told National Geographic. "It vibrates your intestines and makes you feel very, very small. I've never experienced anything like it." 

Professional climber Sarah Hueniken, 34, also completed the climb a few hours later, but her journey wasn't recorded. "As a kid, I always felt drawn to the edge of the falls," Hueniken told the magazine. "I think it's human nature to be curious about gravity and to wonder what it would feel like to go over."

This feat was coordinated with the New York State Parks Police and Parks Department, so this wasn't illegal. The stunt was supposed to be kept a secret until the Super Bowl, but Red Bull released the footage early.