Here's Your First Look at the Return of 'Frozen' in "Frozen Fever"


It's hard to let it go when the return of Frozen is so close.

The entire cast, including Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad will reprise their roles in a short film called "Frozen Fever." Although it's only seven minutes long, fans should be enchanted by seeing how the kingdom of Arendelle has changed since Frozen ended.

It focuses on Elsa (Menzel) throwing birthday party for her little sister Anna (Bell), but plans go awry when Elsa gets a cold. How appropriate for a wintertime movie!

"It's another side of Elsa the audience hasn't seen before and we hadn't really played with in the original feature," director Chris Buck told USA Today

The short isn't scheduled to come out for another month, but here's your first look at some stills from the film. From what we can tell, it's Anna's birthday:


And Elsa has a surprise party planned:


So she gets Anna to dress up:


But Olaf can't wait for the cake:


 And then everyone's just keeping it real:


"The gang is back together. And literally it's like we never went away," Gad told USA Today. "Every day we're reminded of Frozen in our lives. So it feels like a continuation of a saga that has many parts still untold. It felt like coming home again after a short absence."

"If history is any indicator, kids will go nuts," he added.

Frozen Fever premieres in theaters before Disney's big cinematic bet, Cinderella, starting March 13. And if it's even half as magical as this, we'll be satisfied:

h/t USA Today