Romney Flip Flops On Health Care, Opposes Very Plan That He Proposed


On Wednesday, when Mitt Flopper spoke at the annual NAACP convention, he was loudly booed as he called for the repeal of "Obamacare." I will address here today why people are beginning to support the Affordable Care Act, and provide video of extreme Mitt Flops on the issue. Romney has Mitt Flopped on every health care policy he ever made law as Governor and then promoted nationally.

Why do people support the ACA?

People who support the law know it will help 40 million Americans get insurance (one of whom could be your neighbor) and who support the law prevents people like you from losing your insurance when you get sick - well - people are finally becoming vocal about their support of the Affordable Care Act.  

Who would want to be dropped by an insurance company when they get sick? Would you?  

The Patient's Bill of Rights protects you from this common practice that has been throwing Americans into bankruptcy and sucking every last dollar out of their pockets. "Recisions" as they are called, are now becoming illegal. 

Last week, a friend put me on the phone with her father. His insurance company sent him a certificate when they renewed. Then after costly heart surgery that kept him from dying, they dropped him.

One month after the certificate came in the mail he was cut loose, and a hospital bill for $138,000 arrived in his mailbox.  

Instead of thinking of retirement, his thoughts turned to selling the family home.

Imagine that happening to you, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker. Your husband or wife. How would this destroy the lives of those you care about?    

You are likely to have one or more health crises in your life. This could be you.

More and more people are taking the time to read the timeline of what is rolling out and when.

Others are realizing that the ACA makes great strides towards lowering the costs you pay, or your employer pays - for your health insurance today.  You can read all the details online of how the ACA will lower your insurance costs.  

Why is Mitt Romney a Mitt Flopper on health care? 

Romney is worse than a flip-flopper. His attacks on the ACA take it to a new level. He is a Mitt Flopper. Not only did he write and pass into law most of the main elements of the ACA when he was governor, but he also promoted the same thing as a national plan when he first ran for president in 2008.

A Republican wrote a great article on Romney's flip flops.

Why is Mitt Flopping worse than a flip-flop?

Today, Romney attacks what he promoted and passed as best practices for health care reform. Mitt Flop.

Today, Romney attacks the individual mandate that he was first ever to make law in Massachusetts.  Mitt Flop.

Today, Romney directly attacks all that he felt would be most successful in saving lives. Mitt Flop.

Romney recently called the "individual mandate" the "Republican free market solution to the Democrats free-rider problem in the health care system." Until of course he was running against Obama. Mitt Flop.

Don't take my word for it... view the biggest Mitt Flop.  Romney promoted the individual mandate nationally. Not only that, he proposed it as a tax.

Watch this video when Romney in clear terms praises Massachusetts legislators for keeping the mandate. Watch him call for the individual mandate in the Republican debates. Watch as he says that as the laboratories of democracy, states will try out their own plans and the mandate approach will likely be adopted as the best approach nationally. (Now that it has happened... Mitt Flop!)

Watch as the Mitt Flopper strikes again. Well, this time it is the team that helped him write Romneycare and then was hired by Obama to write the Affordable Care Act. 

I find it easy to trust the people who wrote both Romneycare and the Affordable Care Act.  

This makes trusting Romney a harder and harder proposition.

Never has someone so vigorously attacked a policy he created and promoted nationally.

Never has someone put so many Americans health in the crosshairs by calling for repeal of what will help you in life or death matters.

This rises to a new level of inconsistency for political expedience.

He is far worse than a flip-flopper. He is a Mitt Flopper.  

What about Republicans' hate of flip-flopping?

Now Romney has reached them. They have all Mitt Flopped too.

Republicans ran an entire campaign against John Kerry for flip-flopping, and now they have flip-flopped on the viability of candidates whose views are entirely inconsistent.

Recently, a Republican and Romney supporter posted an article on Romney being a flip-flopper and just how disappointing it is.

I ask my other honorable Republican friends,did flip-flopping only matter when it was a Democrat? 

Is Mitt Flopping okay now because -  hey - this time it is your guy? Character is not as important! 

Isn't it hypocritical to be supporting someone with such massive policy swings when an entire election was run by Republicans attacking such inconsistency?

Have Republicans suddenly flip-flopped on their capacity to support flip-floppers?

What about Character? What about integrity? What about honesty?

I wanted to vote Romney before he began attacking the Affordable Care Act. 

Watch those videos and you will see why I believe he does not carry a shred of integrity.

What are the benefits you lose if the ACA is repealed?

The key benefits that will directly help you are listed online. Follow that link to one page where you can look up benefits for families with children, individuals, people with disabilities, pregnant women, seniors, small businesses, women, and young adults.  

With a few clicks you can understand how the Affordable Care Act Helps you. Get out of the stream of politically motivated attacks adds and read about the programs that will help your pocketbook.

(For all the talk of taxes, the ACA is filled to the brim with tax cuts. It is easy to save you money when your wallet is not used to socialize the costs of free riders.  Read my article on how the ACA removes socialism and how repealing it adds socialism back!)  

What is happening today?  

People like you support most of the individual parts, but not the entire law. Opinion of the law since the Supreme Court decision are moving from lower approval to higher.

When people learned the ACA is constitutional they began to read up on how it benefits them and polls are slowly moving in Obamacare's favor.    

Please, share this article on Facebook and Twitter and join the dialog below.  Is this really a Mitt Flop?  Or, am I entirely wrong?