Benjamin Feinblum

Serial-Entrepreneur CEO Biz Owner. Follow @JoinTeamAmerica a bipartisan team producing ideas to improve America and government policy. I am vehemently against those who work to score political points rather than provide solutions. I fight to point out when bias and misinformation are being put forwards. I believe our Democracy is a gift, it needs to be cherished, and honored by having well thought out debate, with primary source data to back up statements. Especially, while we are holding up Democracy as the example to the world. I am an independent who will appear partisan, but only when challenging those who are working to score political points rather than working to find solutions to build success in America. Bottom line: Policies need input from each perspective. Real problems need to be addressed in ways that actually get the job done. Policies should find the line between maximum individual responsibility and minimum input of government resources; that will actually get the job done. All government programs have major problems and must be put into a rigorous and constant state of improvement. While they all have major problems, the US military is the strongest in the history of the world, NASA has had the greatest exploration achievements off planet Earth in the history of mankind, and somehow America is the number one economy in the world. I believe the most important organization to support and put energy into today is