You'll Never Be As Happy as Jim Cantore Is Experiencing "Thundersnow"


The happiest moment of your life will never be as joy-filled as this.

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore experienced peak bliss while reporting in blizzard-blasted New England over the weekend when "thundersnow" boomed above him multiple times. A flicker of light ignited a celebratory moment that rivals a normal person winning the Powerball lottery.

Just watch:

"Yes, we got it baby!" Cantore repeatedly screamed. "We got it! We got it!"

All the more adorable, Cantore augmented his shouting with the perfect dad dance and several enthusiastic air punches. What prompted his nerdy freak-out? Thundersnow, a condition that occurs when dry and moist air masses mix during a snow storm, is rare. For weather geeks like Cantore, it's a touchdown.

And this isn't the first time Cantore reached thundering nirvana during a snowstorm. In 2011, the weatherman was jolted by the phenomenon in Chicago while live on the air. He restrains himself from swearing because, you know, it's basic cable.

h/t Time