This Is Why You Shouldn't Run With The Bulls in Spain


Benjamin Miller  has a story to tell his friends. 

The 20-year-old Georgia man traveled to Spain to partake in the country's signature bull-running festival because there's nothing more fun than trying to escape the wrath of a 1,600-pound beast. 

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't. During a running in the small Spanish town of Ciudad Rodrigo on Saturday, the bull overpowered him and gashed a 16-inch wound into the side of his thigh before onlookers rescued him. He was rushed to a local hospital for surgery.

You know it's bad when the surgeon was even surprised by the size of the injury. "It's not the worst injury I've seen, but it's the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on," Dr. Enrique Crespo told the Associated Press.

His injuries to his back muscles, thighs and even his sphincter were repaired during a three-hour surgery. Two other people were also hurt, but not as bad as Miller who is now recovering in an intensive care unit. 

Officials repeatedly warn that these festivals are dangerous, yet they still attract upwards of 45,000 people ever year. 

If you were thinking about being one of them, take a look at a few more shots of Miller:

Jose Vicente/AP
Jose Vicente/AP
Jose Vicente/AP

Yeah, we're gonna stay home next year.