The Most Badass Man In Australia Is Appealing His Drunken Driving Charge


Australia has its own Florida Man. His name is Timothy Withrow, and what he did will make you cringe. 

Let's start with normal part: He severely hurt his hand with a chainsaw last February, so he called a local hospital to have the wound repaired. Well, he claims that they told him they couldn't see him for at least 10 hours.

That's where it ends. Without antiseptic, Withrow splashed gin onto the wound (and decided to drink it too) to relieve his pain. He used a sewing needle and fishing line to stitch it up out of fear it could become infected, reports ABC News (Australia). 

Clearly not thinking straight, likely because of the booze and blood loss, Withrow decided he needed real medical attention since his Survivor tactics weren't enough. After he failed to get in contact with his wife, he drove himself to the hospital.

Remember that part about the gin? A police officer noticed he blew through a stop sign and pulled him over. Withrow's blood alcohol level registered a 0.175 — more than three times the country's legal limit. 

In court this week, Withrow admitted to driving while intoxicated. But he's angry at its decision not label the case as trifling, a "legal precedent in South Australia that can overturn or mitigate penalties for drink driving and traffic cases in rare circumstances," explains Pedestrian (using Australia's term for the crime).

If that was granted, his 12-month license suspension could've been reduced.

But luck nor a Supreme Court judge wasn't on his side. Justice Kevin Nicholson said the man had other options in getting to the hospital, like hailing a taxi or calling an ambulance. 

"I admire [his] courage and his tolerance to pain, but I do not admire his judgment [to drive]," he said per the Guardian. "He posed a clear danger not only to himself but to other road users."

The matter now moves to a lower court for sentencing. There's no word how his hand healed, but we're guessing it's fine?