Mitt Romney Impersonated Police Officers: Yet Another Reason to be Creeped Out by Him


Mitt Romney's youth has already been a subject of conversation this election cycle already and  while some revelations have been amusing, others have been quite troubling. As a "wayward" teenager he had one sip of beer and took a drag from a cigarette. Although he is, which is admirable for abstinence from drugs and alcohol that is sososo frequently abused by young people, it but his admission to such activities also came as a melodramatic confession. But Romney, however, was also known to have been a bully in high school, especially to effeminate or possibly homosexual boys at his school, which gained a lot of media attention in May and disturbed Americans everywhere.

The most recent yYoung Mitt story is that as a college student at Stanford, Romney would wear put on a police uniform he obtained from his father, who was thenthethen governor of Michigan at the time, andthenand drive around with a red light on the roof of his car andtoto pull unsuspecting people over toand and scare them. He used to do it towould do this to friends on dates and even to random passersby. 

This is a disturbing new insight into Romney's already questionable psychology for two reasons. The first is that this wasn't a one-time prank; he did it on a regular basis. He actually took the time to put on a uniform, get in the car, attach the light, and burn gas on driving through the streets to find people to prey on. ExceptingIgnoring the fact that impersonating a police officer is illegal, it's just plain mean to confuse people into thinking they are in actual trouble for doing nothing wrong ... and especially if they're on a date. 

The second reason is that this is a legitimate ploy used by predators to target unsuspecting victims to either rape or kill late at night on highways or deserted roads. There are unmarked police cars that patrol certain areas, and most law-abiding citizens would pull over for a car with lights thinking that it was a policereal officer. Now, there are policies in place that protect people who will not pull over for an unmarked car, whichand enable them to call to check if there is an officer in the area. If there isn't, however, the dispatcher will send help to both protect the person at risk and to arrest the impersonator. 

So what was Romney doing late at night stalking his friends and creeping out Palo Alto residents? Is suchthis frequent behavior that he so clearly relished in healthy or normal? AndMoreover, should someone so willing to impersonate a police officer and threaten others be the president?