Harrison Ford and 10 Fantasy Celebrity VP Choices For 2012


With all the buzz about who Romney’s VP pick will be and no clear frontrunners, maybe it’s time to step outside the world of reality, completely ignore party lines, and fall down the rabbit hole into the world of Hollywood. 

Here’s five of the best and five of the worst celebrity choices for vice president.


1) Meryl Streep

This three-time Academy Award winning actress placed 8th on Forbes’ list of the most generous celebrities, with over $2 million in donations that included $100,000 each to Oxfam American and Partners in Health. Plus, her most recent Oscar came for her 2011 portrayal of conservative icon Margaret Thatcher, so we know she can rock the skirt suit.

2) Oprah Winfrey

She may be a Democrat, but Oprah’s power to influence elections transcends political views. One study estimated that her support of Barack Obama won him over a million votes in 2008, and that Hillary Clinton would have beaten Obama in the primaries with Oprah’s support. She’s also one of the most generous philanthropists. She will probably run the world some day anyway, so we might as well give her a head start.

3) Harrison Ford

This 70-year-old badass has first-hand experience flying in Air Force One, kept the Nazis from getting the Holy Grail, and is sure to have female voters turning out in spades; a demographic Romney’s had some trouble with.

4) Tina Fey

Her portrayals of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live went totally viral in 2008, so we know she’s got a keen understanding of the way Americans respond to political leaders. Plus, anyone who understands teenage girls well enough to write Mean Girls is probably a foreign policy genius, and will definitely appeal to the Millenials.

5) Morgan Freeman

He’s played the president. He’s played Nelson Mandela. He has the greatest voice ever heard. This man will single handedly restore America’s confidence in government. 


1) Bristol Palin

Her reality show has been called the worst show of all time. Her mother has been called one of the worst vice-presidential candidates of all time. She’s not even old enough to be eligible. Let’s not start a Palin dynasty.

2) Tom Cruise

He may be garnering a lot of media attention right now, but it’s not the sort of attention you want in an election year. His much-publicized split with wife Katie Holmes is sure to have family-values groups up in arms, as is his firm adherence to Scientology.

3) Nicholas Cage

On top of getting arrested for domestic violence in April 2011, Cage also has one of the greatest thefts of all time on his record: he stole the Declaration of Independence. Well, sort of.

4) Arnold Schwarzenegger

He may be the only one on this list with real political experience, but he nearly tripled the dept in California in his first seven years as governor. Also, like Bristol, he’s not eligible. Unlike Bristol, he never will be.

5) Ashton Kutcher

He’ll be 35 next February, so he just barely misses the cutoff. His now-ex-wife Demi Moore says she worries Kutcher was having an affair with his That 70’s Show costar Mila Kunis for years. There may be no such thing as bad press in Hollywood, but that’s definitely not true in politics.