50 Shades of Grey Movie: 5 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With Christian Grey


The popularity of E.L. James’ book – and upcoming movie, potentially starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as directed by Angelina Jolie – Fifty Shades of Grey seems to contradict the Magic Mike effect of empowered and independent women. 

Now, with Fifty Shades, women are going the other way as they seem to identify with the book’s leading female character Anastasia Steele – an innocent student who finds herself irresistibly attracted to Grey’s fifty shades of sexual practices (which include violent and abusive sex, graphically described in the book).


So, after bringing the subject up during dinner parties to enthusiastic girl friends who are reading the book – and their somewhat uncomfortable boyfriends and husbands – I've pondered the contradiction of successful and independent women feeling attracted to a character like Christian Grey. Here are my findings:

1. Looks: 

Since Ryan Gosling is rumored to be cast as Christian Grey in the upcoming film version of the book, it is safe to assume the main character of Fifty Shades is perceived as physically attractive (a quality ladies love).

2. Power: 

Christian Grey is a young and successful business magnate who works in an opulent office space staffed with Stepford Wives-like secretaries. Most women find themselves attracted to power.  

3. Control: 

While contemporary women are emotionally and financially independent, for some there is still certain charm to the fantasy of acting (and feeling) submissive.

4. Danger: 

For some, the fantasy of potential danger can be a turn on.

5. No Limits: 

Christian Grey pushes the limits of his lover(s) in a fantasy escape from more routinely practices.