Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Will Beat Obama and Romney: At Least One Survey Says So


Earlier I wrote about the website, and asked our readers to go take the poll and see what their results look like. Not surprisingly, several people came away with results that they could not believe. Some of the results were met with shock and surprise. It is my intent then, to provide some results on a semi-regular basis; a series, if you will, of the results of some key election states if they were won by the person that "wins" the state in the survey.

The 10 states are considered to be key states for any Republican win in the 2012 election. If a candidate were to win all 10 of these states, they would be halfway to the presidency in November. When you factor in the so-called guaranteed wins for either party, these states seem to be a "must" for a non-Democrat.

Without further adieu, let's look at the states and see how the candidates fare in each state as of July 20 with 853,000 surveys complete at press time.

7/20/2012 Number of Votes Winner 2nd 3rd 4th Florida 29 Johnson Paul Romney Obama Pennsylvania 20 Johnson Obama Paul Romney Ohio 18 Johnson Obama Paul Romney North Carolina 15 Johnson Paul Romney Obama Virginia 13 Johnson Paul Romney Obama Wisconsin 10 Johnson Obama Stein Romney Colorado 9 Obama Johnson Stein Paul Iowa  6 Obama Johnson Stein Paul Nevada  6 Johnson Paul Romney Obama New Hampshire 4 Obama Stein Johnson Paul


As you can see, Gary Johnson fares very well in the survey in the 10 swing states above, as only Obama was able to surpass him in any state for the overall win. Does this mean we're in for an epic upset in the election? It's extremely doubtful. However, there is something of worth to be gleaned from these results.

If we compare Obama and Romney alone in their results in these states, Obama wins 6 of 10, plus California and New York. Those 8 states alone would nearly have him re-elected. Romney beating the President in 4 of 10 swing states just isn't good enough.

If the results of this survey are any indication, Barack Obama is on his way to re-election in a conclusive, but not landslide win.