50 Shades of Grey Movie: Sasha Grey is the Only Actress Guys Want As Anastasia Steel


While women across the country perk up and beam with satisfaction every time someone brings up E.L. Jame’s Fifty Shades of Grey book and upcoming movie, their boyfriends and husbands shrug in disinterest or downright disgust – and take the opportunity to go grab another beer.   

Conversely, Sasha Grey, the porn star turned actress who played herself in HBO’s Entourage and stars in David Ren’s action flick The Girl from the Naked Eye, is the only “Shade of Grey” guys care about – and women despise in disgust.

These two contemporary pop culture icons exemplify America’s ongoing “War of the Sexes.” Women want Christian Grey because he can take control, while administering punishment and reward in a puzzling but irresistible Dark Knight/White Knight dichotomy. Guys want Sasha Grey, simply, because she is ready and willing to fulfill their animalistic fantasies.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if these two seemingly opposing visions could be reconciled by the magic of cinema? Since Sasha Grey – unlike other adult entertainers turned actresses – can indeed act, her name has been mentioned as a potential albeit long shot cast as Anastasia Steel in the upcoming film version of Fifty Shades of Grey. So, if Mila Kunis doesn’t get the part; perhaps, Sasha Grey would be a good victim/lover to Christian Grey – with the added bonus of reconciling all those American couples profoundly polarized over how to materialize their sexual fantasies.