17 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What Sex Is Really Like in Real Life


Sex is a beautiful, wondrous experience that always ends with both parties orgasming wildly. 

At least, according to Hollywood. Oh, and it always looks sexy and beautiful. Hell, The Notebook has us thinking that first time sex between long-lost lovers, one of whom is a virgin, is guaranteed to be nothing short of magical (and let's not forget the rain). And the frequency of the female orgasm? Let's just call bullshit on that now.

Because we know better. While sex can be a many splendored thing, it can also be awkward, confusing, bumbling and wholly unsexy. For every magical encounter we have, there are those moments we'd like to erase from our memories forever. 

Thankfully, anything the movies, sex ed teachers or even our friends weren't honest enough to admit, we can find on Twitter. These honest tweets perfectly sum up the awkward realities of sex as we know it.

Physically, sex is one of the least graceful things you can do.

You may find yourself faking your way through.

Things you think will be "sexy" are usually anything but. 

Basically, it's awkward. But that doesn't mean it's not worth it.