George Clooney, Jack Johnson, and Mark Ruffalo: Celebrities Who Are Doing Good While Doing Well


Celebrities have always occupied a unique niche to draw attention and awareness to current events, causes, and various campaigns. The debate continues to rage: do celebrities support social and political causes because of genuine commitments and moral beliefs? Or is their support attributable to public relations concerns and the need to cultivate their own image and brand?

Does it really matter? Whatever a celebrity’s, or any person’s, motivations are for backing a cause, doesn’t the additional support create additional awareness? While the time, energy, intensity, and passion celebrities commit to causes today leaves little room to question their intentions, the fact is that celebrity endorsements facilitate additional press, awareness, and discussion for any issue.

Let’s take a look at some top celebrities and the causes they’re championing:

1) George Clooney

Actor George Clooney has actively spoken out against the atrocities occurring in Darfur since 2006. He has visited the war-torn region several times, established the non-governmental organization Not On Our Watch, and was even arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Over the past six years, Clooney has constantly reaffirmed his views on the situation, continually launching initiatives for Darfur to support his perspective. While Clooney’s tireless efforts have certainly increased awareness about the mass human rights violations occurring in Darfur, his advocacy has yet to generate the desired response – an end to the killings. However, his commitment and genuine concern is difficult to doubt.

2) Jack Johnson

Musician Jack Johnson inspires environmental awareness and stewardship through his music and lifestyle. Johnson not only records songs that highlight environmental concerns, but he produces his music through environmental-friendly methods: a green recording studio complete with solar panels, the use of recycled materials for distribution, carbon-neutral tours, investment in renewable-energy initiatives. His commitment to the Go Green movement that has become mainstream in the United States is obvious through his own lifestyle choices. While Johnson is actively involved in community initiatives, creating the All At Once Campaign and partnering with various environmental non-profits, his own lifestyle choices serve as a reminder to make daily decisions in an environmentally conscious manner.

3) Mark Ruffalo

In recent years, the practice of fracking has drawn a great deal of attention and press. The controversial debate, heating up in New York state, has been a divisive issue among neighbors and within communities. Actor Mark Ruffalo has eagerly opposed the practice of fracking by establishing a website,, organizing groups to lobby the state and federal legislatures, and backing officials who oppose fracking. Ruffalo, a resident of upstate New York, has demonstrated his commitment to anti-fracking initiatives through community events. His involvement at both the local and global levels has generated additional awareness to the debate while solidifying Ruffalo’s support for water protection.

Many celebrities are committed to social and political campaigns, lending their name and brand to create awareness, spark constructive debates, and generate responses and actions to leading issues. While some question their motivations, reducing their efforts to purely public relations tactics, many celebrities utilize their unique position in society to highlight issues they feel strongly and passionately about. Clooney, Johnson, and Ruffalo remain actively engaged in and committed to raising awareness for various social causes.