Tom Daley Gay Rumors: One Direction and David Beckham Give Diver Some Love


While rumors about English diver Tom Daley’s sexual orientation continue to swirl online, the popularity of the London 2012 Olympics bronze medalist keeps soaring to levels that potentially will place him in the pantheon of global pop culture British icons.

Daley’s skyrocketing fame is evidenced by the growing support and shout outs he is receiving from other British icons such as boy band One Direction, singer Cheryl Cole and footballer David Beckham.

According to Sugar Scape, Girl Aloud's Cheryl Cole took to twitter to organize her date with Tom Daley. She also congratulated the diver for his Olympic bronze medal and asked him for some “diving lessons.” Whether the 18-year-old Speedo-wearing start would take on the offer is yet to be seen.

Popular band One Direction, which performed at the Games' Closing Ceremony, also reportedly congratulated Daley for his Olympic bronze. But it was no other than stellar British footballer David Beckham – the husband of Victoria Beckham who joined her fellow Spice Girls to also perform in the closing ceremony – who could have helped the diver during one of the most stressful moments of this intense international competition.

Beckhman reportedly called Daley after he narrowly missed out on a medal in the synchronized men's diving to offer some words of encouragement and advice. "He wanted to wish me well and to say keep your chin up," Daley said. "David [Beckham] was asking how I've been feeling, giving me advice about what to take out of the synchro. He was kind of asking me the right questions, telling me it's not that bad and that I can come back," the diver added.

Daley might well be on his way of becoming the successor of David Beckham’s international glory, not only because of both athletes’ respective accomplishments but also because of the looks that landed Beckham -- and could land Daley -- a multitude of underwear modeling contracts with international houses such as Armani.