8 Hilariously Honest Buttons Social Media Needs Instead of "Like"


Twitter traded its iconic "fave" star for a more generic red heart on Nov. 3. The Internet freaked out, because hey, change is scary!

The shift from stars to hearts came on the tail end of another major social media announcement. In October, Facebook announced it would be developing reaction emojis, which not only allow users to "like" a post, but also to express emotions via "wow," "haha," "sad" and "angry" buttons. The change is intended for users to express more specific emotions, as well as avoid the uncomfortable situation of "liking" someone's post about a national tragedy or the death of a relative. 

Still, we couldn't help but think social media should have even more specific buttons, so you could express all the feels you get while scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feeds. "Isn't that what the comments section is for?" you might say. Sure, but writing takes a lot of effort, and wouldn't it be nice to express your honest opinions with a click of a button? 

With this in mind, Mic came up with eight examples of potential Twitter and Facebook buttons if we all stopped getting polite and started getting real. (Twitter, Facebook, feel free to use any and all of these ideas with attribution.)

1. Pity like 

When you like your friend's incredibly basic status, just because you feel bad for them.

Eve Peyser

2. Shade-fave 

When your ex subtweets the shit out of you and you want to say, "I see you and this isn't cute."

Eve Peyser

3. I exist! 

When you want to remind that hot guy you hooked up with a few days ago to text you, without having to endorse his extremely banal Instagram of sushi.

Eve Peyser/Wikimedia Commons


When someone posts a meme that's so universally relatable that it compels literally everyone go "SAAAAAAME."

Cabbage Cat Memes

5. Chill

When someone in your Facebook feed writes an emotional rant about an abstract political issue.

Eve Peyser/Wikimedia Commons

6. Begrudging like

When someone posts something so real, you have to like it even though you despise them personally.



When you want to express your condolences to the people in your feed sharing sad news about their shitty lives.

Eve Peyser


When you automatically deactivate the account of a deserving (shithead) person for at least 24 hours. You only have the power to use this button once, so use it wisely. 

Wikimedia Commons