Wyclef Jean Says I'll Be Gone With Obama, Jumps Ship to Perform Republican Convention


In another surprising addition to the upcoming RNC, hip-hop star Wyclef Jean will perform for the veteran charity, Got Your 6 on August 29, in Tampa, Fla. 

Jean was third in line for the spot, stepping up to the plate after country music legends Willie Nelson and Randy Travis fell through. The bipartisan nonprofit, which focuses on helping veterans readjust to society, will host a similar event featuring pop rapper Flo Rida in September during the DNC. Whether the RNC or the bipartisan charity has final say on who performs is unclear, but Jean is still an interesting choice for the role.

During the 2008 campaign, Jean was an ardent Obama fan and happily performed during his 2009 inauguration. He’s even admitted to being an Obama super fan. “I'm like an Obama groupie from the very beginning,” he said in an interview with MTV before his performance at the Green Inaugural Ball. “Every Wyclef song, I remixed it with 'Obama': 'I'll be gone with Obama ...."

After his failed attempt to run for president of Haiti in 2010, Jean’s political fervor may have died down. Jean has not been as politically active as he was in 2008, and has kept relatively quiet about who he plans to vote for in the upcoming election.

However, in pairing the former Fugees member with sexy Meghan McCain, the RNC may be making an attempt to appeal to a younger crowd. For Republicans, nothing screams diversity like a woman and black man –– an immigrant at that –– as the headliners of a major, televised event (the performance is cosponsored by Lifetime network). Plus, Jean might be ready to switch parties since he’s already a fan of Sarah Palin.

Who knows ––  if he enjoys his time at the RNC, maybe Jean’s next big hit will be “Romney Don’t Lie.”