Todd Akin Does Not Represent Republican or Tea Party Views


This week, every far left personality from Michael Moore to Rachel Maddow has tried to use Rep. Todd Akin’s recent statements as an opportunity to blanket the entire Republican Party as an “extremist, social conservative, radical right-wing party.”

Enough bullsh*t.

Every Republican office holder starting with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and on down have condemned his statements as “insulting, inexcusable, and wrong.” Every political organization from the NRSC to American Crossroads has withdrawn all funding from his campaign. Every conservative media personality from Sean Hannity to Ann Coulter has demanded that he withdraw from the Missouri Senate race.

This is overwhelming proof that Akin’s statements are not what the Republican Party stands for.

One pundit on this website even went so far as to say that Akin’s comments now completely discredit the Tea Party’s entire message. I couldn’t disagree more and find that statement completely unfair. For starters, who ever said Akin was a “Tea Party candidate” before this all started? If anything, Akin is an establishment politician who’s been holding office since 1989. In fact, I couldn’t find any footage or coverage of a single Tea Party rally he ever spoke at.

Secondly, I had just written a piece two weeks ago clarifying precisely what the Tea Party is all about: a movement that advocates adherence to the Constitution, reduction of the federal debt and deficit, and reinstituting limited government intervention.

The pundit in the anti-Tea Party piece also went so far as to say, “This, my friends, is what the Tea Party will become should they gain any sort of real power within Washington.” That is also not true. First, the Tea Party has been in power since January of 2011. Second, since they came into power, I haven’t seen a single piece of legislation introduced attempting to outlaw abortion, teach creationist theory in schools, or any other social conservative faith-based initiative that the far left claims the Tea Party is “really all about.”

The truth is that in an election year that’s looking extremely bad for incumbent Democrats when poor economic performance and a pathetic job creation record is front and center, the liberal media was just dying for a sound bite from some socially conservative Republican in some red state to use against the party as a whole. So congrats to the liberal media for successfully distracting the American public from the GOP’s economic message for a week, at least until the RNC gets underway.

As for Akin, no one is supporting his candidacy anymore. I won’t even bother tearing up what he said, as anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that what he said was absolutely absurd and idiotic. The far left will believe whatever they want to believe, but I write this piece to clarify to all the non-extremist voters and independents out there to simply point out the facts.

Now let’s get back to what really matters, like unemployment going up in 44 out of 50 states last month.