Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Cheating Scandal: The Bachelorette Star is Caught Sexting


It looks like another television fabricated romance has come to an end. According to the cover story of this week's issue of US Weekly Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are on thin ice. Fox News released images of what it alleges to be the cover image of the upcoming issue of the magazine which features the headline "Bachelorette Emily Caught Cheating"; US has yet to feature the story on their site. 

Emily Maynard is the winner of the most recent season of the hit reality television dating series The Bachelorette. In July, Maynard chose contestant Jef Holm as the winner; the two were quicky engaged to be married with Maynard saying, "I feel like Jef would make the best husband and the best stepdad ever."

The new issue of US allegedly states that Holm found explicit text messages and photos sent between Maynard and another man. The article continues, stating that Maynard and Holm recently had an explosive fight during a family getaway with Holm's family. 

Judging by Maynard's Twitter account, news of this rumor will come as a surprise to the Bachelorette star. Just this morning Maynard tweeted: 

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Holm: 

 Holm for his part was tweeting about his love, Maynard, as well. 

There is a big divide between the Holm/Maynard tweets and the tabloid reports. Reconciling these pictures of romance and headlines of deceit will be the next hurdle for Maynard to overcome.