An Open Letter to Republican Voters: This is What You Are Voting For in Election 2012


Dear Republican voter:

Mitt Romney wants your vote. And there are 45 million people out there who are no doubt planning on voting for him. There are also many people who will split their vote, casting one for President Obama and then voting for a Republican for senator or congressman. President Obama for example won Paul Ryan's district in 2008.

So before you vote for a Republican let me tell you just what you are voting for. If you are making less than $250,000 per year then you will be voting to raise your taxes. You will also be voting to cut taxes on the wealthiest 1%. People like Romney and Obama would see their taxes go down. If you are on Medicare you will be voting to pay more for your prescription drugs. You will also be voting to hasten the insolvency of Medicare by years.

If you are in a nursing home, or if you know anyone in a nursing home, you will be voting to stop paying for that care. 23% of Medicaid funding pays for people in nursing homes. The GOP economic plan cuts Medicaid spending, and also would give it to states via block grants forcing a choice between providing care for children or seniors.

So there you have it; the things you will be voting for if you vote for a Republican this November. I will also say that voting Republican IS voting for all these things as today's GOP allows no room for dissent. Just ask Richard Lugar.