These 12 Famous Black Women Wore Cornrows Before Kim Kardashian West

Public service announcement: Kim Kardashian West did not invent cornrows.

Or "boxer braids," as they're now being called by MTV UK. The reality TV star's hairstyle has been the topic of lots of discussion recently after the network credited her with inventing the style, and then making it popular. Twitter, of course, has gone wild:

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Sure, Kardashian West is a style icon, but the problem at hand is the same as it always is when it comes to appropriation: not giving credit where it's due. Or, in this case, giving too much credit where it's not due. Cornrows — or variations of them — are one of the oldest black hairstyles around, and black celebrities have been rocking them for decades. Take a look:



Queen Latifah

Jada Pinkett Smith


Da Brat

Cicely Tyson

Alicia Keys

Jill Scott

Taraji P. Henson

Meshell Ndegeocello