One Direction, Taylor Swift Top List of of MTV VMAs Winners


MTV has their finger on the pulse of all that is hip and cool, right? At least that's the way things were back in 1984 when the awards had their inaugural show. Back in 1984, Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd hosted and Madonna rolled around in a garter singing "Like a Virgin." Michael Jackson won the Viewer's Choice Award for "Thriller", and The Cars took home the evening's biggest award for their video to the song "You Might Think." 

In a funny way music videos, which used to be the creme de la creme of cool are now a bit passe. Traditional music videos still exist and if they're awesome (ahem, Lady Gaga videos) they get attention. If they're just a normal level of awesome then their relevance is totally superseded by YouTube fan videos and the like. 

Twenty-eight years after that first award's ceremony, the cool-factor may be somewhat tarnished but the VMA's are still going strong. It's the same song and dance, just with a whole new set of performers. This year has prematurely been dubbed "The Year of Rihanna and Drake" but there are many things to look forward to beyond this seemingly inevitable pop coronation. Here are the five people I am looking forward to seeing most at the VMAs: 

1. Taylor Swift

The teen (well early 20's) icon will perform her newest number one hit live. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is a smash sensation on the airwaves, and with Swift's reputation for rocking the VMA boat the performance is sure to make a splash. 

2. Frank Ocean

The openly gay hip-hop artist is scheduled to perform at the event. If his performance is as good as his buzz, then we'll be in for an awesome show. 

3. Britney Spears

Apparently the reigning queen of pop is cleaning up her act for the X Factor (aka no more rolling around on the floor with snakes a la VMA performances of yore). Excited to see what a spruced up Spears will mean. PS she's meant to be the "surprise" guest.

4. Kanye West 

Will he even be there? I'm honestly not sure. But if he is there, we are in for two things. 1) An awesome showdown with TSwift; and 2) Matching outfits with his super boo Kim Kardashian.

5. One Direction

The obsession. is. fascinating. The fanfare is sure to be over the top. Let's get excited. 

Check out the full list of nominees here

The MTV Video Music Awards will take place on Thursday Sept. 6 at 8 pm EST on MTV.