Yes, There Are Actually Healthy Munchies for Stoners Trying to Smoke and Diet


So you want to get that summer body ready, but don't want to stop enjoying the finer, greener things in life. Smoking weed and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible, albeit challenging — just like any diet. In fact, there's even a way to continue enjoying your munchies after a session, without having to loosen the button on your jeans. 

When it comes to high munchies, every smoker has an individual taste and depending on the weed, people might prefer a variety of sweet and salty, light and filling. Luckily, there are a plethora of healthy snack items to choose from after smoking weed which should suit just about anybody's preferences. 

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Thanks to the internet, smokers from across the globe can congregate online to discuss their favorite munchies, from healthy options to more substantial food choices for the high and hangry folk. Check out what some smokers from all over the world eat as healthy munchies after smoking weed, thanks to, HighExistence and The Stoner's Cookbook:

1) Celery and Peanut Butter

Sprinkle this healthy treat with raisins for a sweet aftertaste. 

Larry Crowe/AP

2) Mangos

Mangos pair beautifully with some bananas and a little bit of yogurt, which will also help soothe the throat after a joint.

The Washington Post/Getty Images

3) Baby Carrots and Ranch

Healthy carrots masked with ridiculously delicious ranch? An intoxicating blend for any healthy stoner.


4) Hummus. Lots and Lots Of Hummus.

Put hummus on top of any healthy snack option to make said snack option a delicious treat, from baby carrots, celery and tomatoes to a little bit of pita bread (if you're not into the gluten-free fad.)

Alexandra Wyman/AP

5) Grapes

"They are literally an explosion of flavor in your mouth when you bite into them," one user wrote on "It's insane. They're my favorite to eat high =D." 

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6) Popcorn

Traditional popcorn is only about 270 calories per 2.5 ounces, compared to a bag of regular microwave popcorn. (Low-fat microwave popcorn is another low-calorie option at only 300 calories a bag, according to LiveStrong.)

Matthew Mead/AP