This Artist’s 3-D Hand Art Optical Illusions Will Blow Your Mind


If you get squeamish easily, you might want to stop reading. Once you start looking at artist Jordan Molina's mind-bending hand art, you won't be able to look away. 

Molina, who specializes in speed drawing, painting, portraits and 3-D illusions, has posted a compilation video featuring 20 of his optical illusion art pieces that have been painted onto the palm of his hand.

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Despite the fact that the video clearly shows that the drawings are made using makeup pencils, you'll have a difficult time believing that the designs aren't 100% real. 

Here, he has a gaping hole in his hand. 


Arachnophobia, anyone?


Anyone up for a game of chutes and ladders sprouting up from my palm?


Does Molina also specialize in levitation?


This zipper would be painful. 


It's staring directly at you.


While this is far from your typical "how to" tutorial (our makeup skills pale in comparison to Molina's), it serves to highlight transformative power of makeup as skill set beyond standard beautification.

For more creepy optical illusions that you will swear are real, watch the full video below.