T. Rex Hands Is Proof Literally Any Ridiculous Thing Can Become an Instagram Trend


Trend (noun) — something that is currently popular or fashionable.

Instagram trend (noun) — something the internet made up, probably.

A week doesn't go by without someone creating a new Instagram "trend." This week, we have T. rex hands, referring to people, mainly young women, posing for selfies and holding their hands in such a way that makes them look like dinosaur's hands. 

Like this:

Getty Images

Yes, those dainty little hands. 

So how could that possibly be a "trend"? Actually, T. rex hands are a perfect example of how an Insta-trend is created, step by ridiculous step.

Step 1: Someone creates a hashtag term for something they are doing. 

It could be a hairstyle, like #OilSlickHair, or it could be a crappy body ideal like #ThighGaps. In this case, Huda Kattan, the beauty blogger behind HudaBeauty, coined the term "T. rex hands" Tuesday on her Instagram. 

Step 2: Websites begin to cover the story and call the term a trend. 

From Cosmopolitan and HelloGiggles to PopSugar and Teen Vogue, it gets difficult to read the (fashion) news or check social media without seeing reports of a new "trend" on the rise.

Step 3: The trend is confirmed by celebrity photos, dug up to reaffirm that the "trend" really is happening all over the place.

In the case of T. rex hands, there seem to be countless celebrities putting their hands in front of their faces (something Kylie Jenner has always been known to do).


Step 4: Non-celebrities begin to post photos on Instagram using the hashtag, in this case #trexhands — many of them ironically.

Step 5: A week goes by and a new nonsense "trend" is created, causing everyone to forget about T. rex hands. 

There you have it — the beauty trend cycle, in which mini phenomenons are deemed internet-wide trends faster than you can say "hashtag." Don't get your hand too bent out of shape; there will be a new one next week.