Take Your Pubic Hair Grooming to the Next Level With This "Bush Oil"


In today's edition of beauty products you didn't know you needed, we introduce to you pubic hair oil. 

Natural Spa Factory, a U.K.-based beauty brand, recently released Bush Oil, a product made with natural oils meant to condition, smooth and, yes, even shine whatever you have growing down there. Just because you have an au naturel bush doesn't mean you shouldn't keep it tamed.

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"We're big believers of the natural approach, but natural doesn't have to mean un-groomed," Emma Webber, co-founder of Natural Spa Factory, said in a press release. "Men have beard oil to condition their facial hair, now it's time to introduce a product suited for being kind to your womanly attributes."

While you might think this product is completely unnecessary, it also claims to protect ingrown hairs from germs and infection. In other words, you'll have healthy, super shiny pubes! 

Natural Spa Factory

With an assortment of different hair removal products and procedures on the market, from Brazilian waxes and laser removal to Nair and Veet, the Natural Spa Factory is choosing to "celebrate a return to a more natural look," as a press release put it, and provide those who don't remove their hair (or risk their chances with sexually transmitted infections) with a maintenance product. 

This is hardly the first beauty brand to release an oil specifically for your nether regions. In September 2015, Fur released Fur Oil to soften pubic hair and clear pores. Of course, if you are not ready to grow it all out, you can try on a merkin or a pubic hair wig, to see if you like the look. 


As mentioned in ASAP Science's "Should You Shave Your Pubes" video, a recent survey found that out of 1,100 college students, 96% of females and 87% of males had "partially or completely removed pubic hairs within the past month." But the video also explains that removing pubic hair can increase your chances of contracting an STI, among other not-so-fun things like rashes, infections and ingrown hairs.

While pubic hair has been a topic of lifestyle and trend discussions for years now, it's clear we've entered a full-on pro-pube movement. With recent conversations around double standards, the fading glamorization of waxing and more and more products like these, it's clear the scale has tipped, culturally, in favor of women going au naturel.

h/t Cosmopolitan