Paul Ryan is an Amazing Liar, and That is Terrifying


Fact checkers are going crazy after Paul Ryan's RNC speech. There are many distortions and deceptions within the words he spoke that many people will buy hook line and sinker. It is one thing to lie to the American people. It is another thing to be completely believable.

While I watched Paul Ryan's speech I kept saying to myself, "that sounds great!" "This guy sounds great!" Then I realized, that what he was saying ran contrary to what I knew to be true.

I had charts and data in front of me the day before that was directly contradicted by statements he was making. These were topics I had researched exhaustively.

Then, I realized I could not tell if he was lying by watching his nonverbal communication. Being that I studied nonverbals with a professor who was a consultant for NASA, I felt my knowledge was sufficient. I was wrong.

Paul Ryan could say things to me, which carry all the nonverbal qualities of credible statements, but yet they were completely false.

You've probably already seen fact checking articles on his speech at the convention. If not, just google them. There are thousands. They all come to the same conclusions about where he lied.

Then it hit me: I just don't want someone as vice president, or second in line to becoming president who can look directly into the eyes of the American people and lie so convincingly. 

Should I expect that if he gets elected he will all the sudden become honest? His lying is just now for the election? How did that work out with Nixon?  

Romney has an even bigger problem: 533 lies in the past 30 weeks catalogued in 15 volumes by Steve Benen. View the catalog of lies and get to know them because Romney is still repeating the same lies over and over again.    

We've got enough problems as it is. I don't want to give more power to leaders that I cannot trust.