Jeff Bezos' Drone Video Shows Us the Blue Origin Launch From an Incredible Angle


Jeff Bezos' rocket company Blue Origin just launched the New Shepard rocket for the third time. 

New Shepard is designed to be partially reusable, and on April 2, the company successfully launched and landed the rocket again:

Just look at that flawless landing. The footage was captured by a drone:

Bezos wants to use New Shepard to carry paying customers to the edge of space (about 62 miles over Earth), where they'll experience a few moments of weightlessness and then safely touch back down. 

This is a much easier feat to achieve than what SpaceX's reusable rocket is aiming for. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has to travel about twice as high and reach a much faster speed to deliver payloads into space. It's subsequently much more difficult to land. 

Still, Blue Origin's progress is impressive. Bezos said test flights with passengers could happen as soon as next year, and the first commercial customers could fly in 2018.

This was also the first launch that Blue Origin carried scientific experiments into suborbital space. One experiment was designed to simulate how rocky soil behaves on asteroids, the other was designed to test how dust behaves in zero gravity.

Watch the whole launch and landing below: