Paul Ryan Lies: VP Candidate Blames Obama for the Debt to Cover Up His Own Blame


Paul Ryan was in Congress and voted for the Republican policies that are responsible for the debt levels we face today. Bush's spending did not end when he left office. Republicans have also protected his most costly programs to date. Thus, while they attack Obama for the debt ceiling fiasco; Republicans are attacking the president for wanting to pay the bills on time. 

The treasury writes the checks and handles the accounts. They know what policies are responsible for government spending. They write the checks to pay the bills for those policies. The Congressional Budget Office, (CBO) is also involved in all parts of the process.

Did you know that prior to Obama becoming president, the CBO estimates published in 2008 said that the deficit would be $1.2 trillion at least?    

This chart proves that Republicans are angry about the debt creating measures they signed into law when Republicans controlled Congress and the presidency. Their policies while Bush was president increased spending so recklessly that we still see exploding debt today. Yes, Paul Ryan and Republicans voted for all the measures that explode the debt today.  We need to have a little talk about this.I support Obama and the Democrats today because I am a fiscal conservative. When I studied the charts to see where the money was spent, I could not find many policies generated by Obama that added to the deficit. Most followed "paygo" rules and were paid for by cuts in other programs or revenue increases.  

Bottom line: Republicans blocked 19 jobs bills and a total of 379 other measures in the past two years. This assures us that Obama did not have the capacity to pass the debt increasing measures they try to pin on him now. Republicans and their policies own this debt, despite what misinformation they spew to American citizens.