Caitlyn Jenner's MAC Lipstick Gets Stunning Instagram Reveal — And a Slew of Ugly Comments


After MAC Cosmetics announced it was collaborating with Caitlyn Jenner on a lipstick, news sites were quick to praise the company for its inclusive choice. Just as Make Up For Ever did with Andreja Pejic, MAC's decision is proof beauty brands are finally opening up their restrictive doors to feature transgender women. 

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Fast-forwarding to today, MAC has made the Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free lipstick available for purchase and released a beautiful image of Jenner applying the shade to go with it. But with the release has come a heated comments section.

MAC Cosmetics

And, unsurprisingly, not all the commenters agree. While some of the conversation is essentially transphobia in action, much of the discussion touches upon what Jenner stands for politically. And even more comments show unabashed, positive support. Here's what one photo can engender:

1. Cue the transphobic haters.

Even though there's a growing acceptance and understanding of transgender identity, at least in the fashion and beauty industries with the rise of models like Pejic, Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh, the comments on this photo make it very clear there's still a long way to go.

Some comments on the photo include: "I don't wanna live on this planet anymore," "Not right at all...really Mac," "I was a big fan of MAC Cosmetics, after this I think I'm not anymore, you're making it ok to become a transgender to the young," and "Anyone can represent MAC now days." 

Others specifically questioned Jenner's identity as a female, with comments like "Yeah, you go Bruce," "Couldn't have found a woman for this ad," "this is no woman," and "He was born a man and he stays a man, no surgery will change that." 

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2. There is real dislike for Jenner herself.

Jenner has gotten into some hot water for voicing her conservative Republican views, specifically the fact that she doesn't completely support gay marriage neither do the political candidates she supports. She is often criticized for not being the advocate for LGBT rights that everyone thought she would be. 

Comments included, "Respect MAC and this initiative, but not this woman/man," "Well for one thing she already said she's voting for the winning GOP candidate in the elections. None of which support LGBT rights," and "She also still believes that gay marriages are wrong, also still Republican." 

Oh, and "Caitlyn doesn't gaf about LGBT community." 

3. Lots of people would've preferred a different trans model.

A third argument involves customers asking for a different transgender representative. Some suggest Jazz Jennings or Laverne Cox as a better choice. 

"Caitlyn transformation took courage and strength, we can all agree. But, there are so many other women in the world that have fought through adversity that also deserve to be recognized and elevated by society to an equal caliber. The only reason Caitlyn has received so much affirmation is because she was already in the limelight," one commenter wrote. 

4. But lots of fans agree: MAC did good.

Yes, there was a lot of hate and disgust in the comment section of the Instagram. But, we also have to acknowledge the support that MAC and Jenner received amongst the negativity. 

Some thoughts included: "Caitlyn is a person like everybody else! It doesn't matter if she is a man or a woman! It is inside that counts," "Love that you're doing this," and "People complaining need to remember that Mac founded its company on their makeup being for all ages, races, sexes." 

Instagram hide-behind-your-computer-comments are unnecessary. If you don't like Jenner, don't buy the lipstick, or do because 100% of the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative.