Kansas High School Student Threatened With Throat Slashing for Being Gay


Everyone wants to be the inspiration behind a song — but not this time. 

Kansas City high school student Hannah Reno was on the bus with her jazz bandmates when she received a Facebook message from two other students. The message included hateful, violent lyrics that alluded to the two students slashing Reno's throat and persuading Reno to kill herself. 

"Cut your throat and slit your wrists, cuz when you're gone you won't be missed," the lyrics read. 

"It was just extremely nasty," Reno said to local affiliate WDAF

According to Reno's father, Reno was obviously distraught when she told him about the messages the next day.

"She just was almost hysterical that she couldn't believe that she was attacked because of her sexual preference," Brian Reno said to WDAF. "I was extremely upset; I felt bad for her because she got attacked for absolutely no reason at all."

"It is definitely inappropriate to target somebody for their sexuality. It's inappropriate to target anyone and write a song that's wanting them to die," Hannah Reno said to WDAF.


When Reno's father reported the content of the messages to the police, they told him to report the incident to the school's resource officer. According to school officials, the two students who sent the threatening messages have been suspended for "severe disrespect" and "intimidation of another student." However, the district declined to comment on camera for the story. 

Reno's father is not pleased with that level of disciplinary action. 

"If this was a bomb threat in a song, what would have happened?" he said. "That school would have been on lockdown, but because of my daughter's sexual preferences being questioned, they're trying to minimize this, and I do not like this at all."

But, Hannah Reno still has one clear message she wants to send to those in her school.