Kendall Jenner's "Boots" Required Not One, But 2 Assistants Before the MTV Movie Awards


If you thought Rihanna's $3,000 denim Manolo Blahniks were difficult to wear, just wait until you see the thigh-high heels Kendall Jenner rocked during Saturday night's taping of the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. 

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The model, who showed up to the annual event in a black Kristian Aadnevik dress, arm in arm with her BFF Gigi Hadid, needed not one, but two assistants to help her slip on a pair of DSquared2 pumps.

Prior to hitting the red carpet, Jenner posted an Instagram pic showing off the intricate lace-up process — and a little bit of side butt. (Imagine having the job title of "Kendall Jenner Boot Lacer." Surely it pays well.)

But, because being a celebrity isn't easy, Jenner seemed to have issues with the heels throughout the night. 

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Of course, it turned out fine, judging by how put-together Jenner looked once seated. (These are sitting shoes if we've ever seen them.)

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She even showed them off with Hadid (simultaneously redefining #SquadGoals linking up with our gender-fluid fashion bae, Jaden Smith).

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But, thanks to the eldest Jenner sister joining Snapchat in March, we know that she also had trouble taking the boots off. In a Snap, you can hear Hadid ask, "Ken, are you having some problems? There's just lots to handle..." 

You could say that again.  

Once off, Hadid snapped the pair trying to tame the beasts into the elevator.

But don't worry. Unlike her sis Kylie, who has been stuck in a $5,000 Cartier bracelet for four years, Kendall wasn't forever trapped in the designer shoes. She quickly switched into an easier-to-get-on pair of Balmain boots to attend an after-party. 

Oh, the life of a celebrity.