Pokémon Lingerie Is Here for Anyone Who Wants Miniature Pikachus on Their Privates

"Gotta catch 'em all" is about to receive a new, bedroom-friendly meaning. Japanese lingerie retailer Yummy Mart is releasing a Pokémon-themed collection of undies and pajamas — on 4/20, no less.

The line features Pikachu hooded towels, panties, sleep masks, Poké Ball pajama shorts and tanks adorned with the number 025 (Pikachu's number in the original Pokédex), according to Uproxx

Unfortunately, our favorite item of the collection, the Pikachu bra and underwear adorned with stuffed versions of the creature, seems to only be for show and is not actually available for consumers. Blerg.

When it comes to apparel, it seems that many retailers are still unaware of the fact that women, too, can like Pokémon. A quick search for alternate options to Yummy Mart's line brings up a few items of women's clothing from Hot Topic, but mostly men's options at bigger department stores like Target, Walmart and JCPenney. 

Thank goodness for Etsy. If you want similar designs to Yummy Mart's, but don't want to have to deal with charges for international shipping from Japan, Etsy's got you covered... literally. 

(Raise your hand if you, too, still have your collection of Pokémon cards.)