Dad Hilariously Tries on Daughter's Prom Dress, Proceeds to Win the Internet


We are slowly encroaching upon prom season — you know, the time when you anxiously await for someone to ask you to to the dance, spend way too much money on a limo and, in a new twist, have to fight your father out of your dream dress.

Wait... what?

Okay that might not be the case for everyone, but when high school senior Sydney Rucker's dress arrived to her house earlier today, that is exactly what happened. Her dad opened the package, took out her baby blue dress and decided to give it a twirl.

Don't worry, thanks to her tweeting the incident, we have the glorious photos to prove it. 


Let's take a much-needed closer look.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Sorry Sydney, but after looking at his posing abilities and the way the light blue compliments his dadbod, we think you might have some competition in the "who wore it best" category. 

This dude said it best: