Kylie Jenner Taking a Mirror Selfie Is All of Us Taking a Mirror Selfie


Think about that hypnotic trance you fall into when taking selfies — the one where landing the perfect angle trumps whoever or whatever is trying to get your attention. 

Turns out, queen of the selfie, Kylie Jenner, is just like us. 

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Thanks to Rob Kardashian, who posted a video of Jenner on his Snapchat this weekend, the internet has been blessed with the opportunity to see the steps the youngest Jenner takes to achieve the perfect "like"-worthy photo. (Note: it takes a lot of sticking her butt out and pouting her lips.)

Take a look at the 18-year-old ignoring her big brother for the sake of the selfie: 

Now, picture this process with her more recent mirror selfies, all of which were taken during the last week.

If there is one thing her behind-the-selfie-scenes mirror attraction helps prove, along with this T-shirt and her mural bearing her face, it's that Kylie really likes Kylie. 

(Just don't act like you're not constantly taking photos of yourself, too.)