Rachel Bloom Claps Back at Fashion Blog Who Called Her Red Carpet Dress "Boca Retiree"


Rachel Bloom might think twice before picking out her own outfit after receiving a critique from fashion blog Tom and Lorenzo, which described her ensemble at Monday's East West Players 50th Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner as "Boca retiree."

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"Maybe the dress could work with better styling, but with the strappy sandals, poolside hair and gigantic necklace, it doesn't exactly say 'fresh'," the blog wrote.

In typical tell-it-like-it-is Bloom fashion, the star took to Facebook to clap back at the negativity. According to her, this was the first time she was featured in a negative light on a fashion blog. Not only that, it was the first public event for which she dressed herself without any assistance.

"Whenever a celebrity is at an event or on TV, chances are they have been dressed, styled and made up by EXPERTS," she wrote.

"Fashion to me has always been an elusive thing," Bloom said in an email when asked about the Tom and Lorenzo post. "Growing up, I figured that those people who knew how to dress themselves must have taken some sort of secret after-school class or something."

"When I saw that fashion article about me and [Vincent Rodriguez III], I was like, 'Of course I get bashed the one time I dress myself for an event,'" she wrote. "But then, I realized it's the only time I've been given proper credit about an event fashion choice." 

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After being thrust into the spotlight with the success of her Golden Globe-winning series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the 29-year-old has witnessed first-hand the the ways in which beauty is falsely represented in the media.

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"I have come to know the amazing experts in makeup, hair and fashion that make me look the most beautiful I've ever been," she said. "But then, I see how this beauty, this manicured beauty, is often then the only type of beauty represented in the media. Fashion and beauty for red carpet and events is not acknowledged as the high art that it is; it's seen as normalcy, and a normalcy others should aspire to on a daily basis." 

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"We need to acknowledge that these looks are not a product of a celebrity's fashion sense or skill with liquid eyeliner; it's the skill of the artists who prepare them," she said, "unless you're me and wear a dress with parrots on it." 

Will she stick to a stylist next time? Maybe. But, either way, she loved the dress she chose and gives zero fucks whether you do or not.