ModCloth Enlists Fans for New Body-Positive Swimsuit Campaign


Hey Victoria's Secret: Maybe you wouldn't have had to stop selling bathing suits if your campaign ads looked something like online retailer ModCloth's. 

Time and time again, ModCloth has marched the body positive movement forward. From size-inclusive ads to dropping the term "plus size" on its website, it has become a shopping destination for women of all shapes and sizes by marketing toward demographics that are often segregated

Its most recent campaign —  which features employees and ModCloth community members — is no different. 


The term "plus size" has been hotly contested of late. Some have embraced being called plus size, while others are vehemently against it. ModCloth hopes to shift the conversation away from labels and toward these women that are "so much more than their measurements." 

"We want to make it normative that women are considered capable and confident no matter their size," Mary Alderete, the brand's Chief Marketing Officer, said in an email. 

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In order to give these ladies a voice, in addition to the shoot, ModCloth has launched the Hot Tub Roundtable video series, which features the bathing-suit-campaign stars talking about the challenges facing women today. 

The first video — which was released Wednesday — consists of three entrepreneurs discussing subjects like internet trolling and building a business. According to the brand, there is much, much more to come. 

Take notes retailers, this is exactly what campaign ads should look like.