This Robot Knows All of Humanity’s Darkest Secrets


A position generally reserved for priests and bartenders is now being taken over by robots. 

The machines are coming for our jobs and our sins. 

A Pop-Up Confessional will appear in a few locations around New York City in May — just you, your secrets and an A.I. robot.

Humans will be able to whisper sweet transgressions into the mechanical ear of a robot which will listen and then respond "with thoughts and questions" with a reportedly "soothing voice."  

This is part of a grand "social experiment for the modern age," the website writes, and they're going to be filming you for the pilot of an HBO series. Based on this casting call, it is a documentary called Pop-Up Confessional and they just want you to share your real story to an artificially intelligent being! And the HBO audience! But don't worry — you won't be identified by your name, just your sins. 

This is starting to sound a lot like a cutting-edge MTV confessional.