This YouTuber Recreated Met Gala Gowns Using Trash Bags, Toilet Paper and Tin Foil


Not missing a beat, within hours of the Met Gala red carpet, YouTube Vlogger John Drops had recreated a handful of memorable looks from Monday night's event using household items.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj's Moschino dress made from garbage bags and toilet paper scraps. 

He remade model Karlie Kloss' Brandon Maxwell gown. (Seems like Kloss had a similar idea to Drops' as later in the night Maxwell took a scissor to create a short after party look.)  

Here's Taylor Swift's Louis Vuitton mini created with tin foil and garbage bags. They look the same, no? 

Lastly, he fabricated Kate Hudson's cutout Versace ensemble out of paper and plastic wrap. Sensible, no?  

The Met Gala was not the first time that he's remade celebs, bloggers and models' looks.

This was the dose of humor we needed after seeing one too many metallic, robot-like gowns last night.  

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