Breastfeeding Chrissy Teigen Tried Tanning and, Welp, It Didn’t Go Too Well


Queen of social media Chrissy Teigen took to her beloved Twitter on Friday to document her struggle-laden journey to getting bronzed skin, all while taking care of her newborn baby.

First, she had to spray tan around her breast pump. Because, well, a) babies eat a lot and b) this might've been the only time she had to pamper herself, so multitasking was a must. 

Teigen then showed what happened when she laid down on her white (now orange-stained) sheets. The result: Messy... but kinda artsy, no? 


In line with just about everthing Teigen posts these days, mom shamers were ready to attack the 30-year-old for prioritizing vanity alongside her duties as a mom. "Oh you're REALLY going to piss off the sanctimommies with this one!

But as she's made clear in previous weeks, with posts about having to use a diaper, new mom skin blemishes and perineal irritation, Teigen clearly has no time, nor tolerance, for haters.

One user asked Teigen, "You know they're gonna roast you for this tweet right?" She responded: 

Don't like what Teigen is doing? You can click the unfollow button because there are 1.48 million people that value her humor and honesty.

One Twitter user succinctly took the words right out of our mouths.