Ron Paul Could Have Saved America: Barack Obama Speech Shows Why Ron Paul Should Be President


Thursday is the big night. Full civic religion mode engaged!

President Barack Obama will be taking the stage to deliver hypnotic campaign rhetoric filled with economic ignorance to the DNC delegates and left-wing fascist sympathizers who advocate things like banning corporate profits.

Previously, I have written several PolicyMic articles concering the Liberty Movement and the Ron Paul campaign. You can find my coverage of the Stalin-esque RNC convention here

To me, there is no substantial difference between President Obama and Mitt 'Change the Rules!' Romney. Goldman Sachs (D) vs. Goldman Sachs (R). 

Ron Paul could have saved the Republic if elected as President by a) Bringing the troops home; b) Transitioning away from the doomed welfare state while protecting those who are dependent; or c) Legalizing freedom ... but it looks like we'll have to do things the hard way.

Four more years of Obama? Or potentially eight years of Romney? Pick your poison and enjoy the show.

For a full schedule of Thursday's speakers, see here. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be addressing the Democratic convention, for their nomination acceptance speeches.  Another big names to appear will be Senator John Kerry. I'll be following all of the speeches live from a libertarian perspective, explaining the whole time why Ron Paul would have made for a better leader than any of the speakers you're going to hear on Thursday. 

PolicyMic will be covering all the events and speeches during the Republican National Convention live. For live updates bookmark and refresh this page.

Here is the full video from Obama's speech on Thursday:


9/6, 11:05 PM: Obama needs you to vote this November! All hail the God-King. Regardless of his record.

9/6, 11:02 PM: Faith and Hope. Not reason. 

9/6, 10:59 PM: Quoting Lincoln the dictator. How appropriate. 

9/6, 10:57 PM: A shout out to women and healthcare. Typical pandering. Unfortunate for those women. 

9/6, 10:55 PM: Obama empowering the sheep. "You did that!" 

9/6, 10:53 PM: "Banks that break the rules." - Like his campaign contributors. There's a reason neither Romney or Obama go after the Fed. The Fed feeds the Wall Street oligarchs by destroying the currency. Now, how can any economy regain momentum when the fundamentals of the economy, such as the dollar, are so inherently flawed? 

9/6, 10:50 PM: Obama pandering to the Social Security and Medicare crowd. Trillions in unfunded entitlements in these failed government programs. Those dependant are going to be hurt the worst once the bubble(s) burst. 

9/6, 10:45 PM: Unintended consequences of Obama's humanitarian wars. He claims Christians, Muslims have been saved by his unconstitutional interventions. No, they have been brutally murdered in these destabilized regions. Thanks NATO. 

9/6, 10:43 PM: Obama ended the war in Iraq? No, he didn't

9/6, 10:42 PM: Yes! More government intervention in education. That's what we need. Clearly, the failure of the Department of Education and the student loan bubble are more of what Americans need to succeed. 

9/6, 10:40 PM: Barack Obama is a threat to our children's future. 

9/6, 10:36 PM: End the Fed? Absolutely. 

9/6, 10:35 PM: Both Obama and Romney are Keynesians. Failed economic policies that benefit special interests groups at the expense of the taxpayers - that's the future you are choosing with these Goldman Sachs frontmen.

9/6, 10:31 PM: Notice neither Obama or Romney bring up the actual cause of the Great Recession. Of course Ron Paul predicted it. And of course, he's the only candidate who understand economics.

9/6, 10:30 PM: "A choice between two different paths for America." Neither Obama or Romney will stop the impending crisis. A crisis the Department of Homeland Security is busy preparing for..

9/6, 10:25 PM:  "Four more wars!!..err..years!!" DNC crowd rejects common sense and worships a President who reserves the right to indefinitely detain and assassinate them. He has already done this to American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16yr old son.

9/6, 10:25 PM: As Obama takes the stage, let's appreciate his love of drone warfare.

9/6, 10:23 PM: HAHA! Obama got the Affordable Care Act passed for the millions of families in America who are suffering from outrageous healthcare costs - caused by failed government intervention. I'm sure the big pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance companies who wrote the bill had nothing to do with it.


9/6, 10:15 PM: "Obama's commitment to justice" - Fast and Furious anyone? Obama campaign bundler Corzine's $1.6 billion theft?

9/6, 10:10 PM: Instead of listening to Dick Durbin, watch this: News, Weather

9/6, 10:06 PM: "6,473 lost angels." Is Biden fake crying? Yeah they care about our veterans alright. Suicide nasal spray and unlawful imprisonment instead of the care they deserve.

9/6, 10:05 PM: "America is not in decline!" Did Biden ask the 46 million poor?

9/6, 10:00 PM: "Two different visions, Two different value sets" - But we both love drones, TSA, and the failed drug war. 

9/6, 9:55 PM: Introducing the sacred cow: Medicare. Our plan vs. their plan routine. How's Medicare, Social Security, and other failing government interventions going to hold up during the upcoming economic implosion? 

9/6, 9:54 PM: Here comes the Osama bin Laden propaganda. Chants of "USA! USA!" after Biden advocates global warfare based on lies. Very sad time. Official story is bullshit. "Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive!"

9/6, 9:47 PM: Conviction, Resolve, Barack Obama! Do people enjoy people talked to like children? 

9/6, 9:43 PM: Biden pimping the Auto bailout. The failed cycle of economic intervention continues

9/6, 9:41 PM: "Vastly different vision" between Obama and Romney. Yeah, right. 

9/6, 9:37 PM: "Depth of my loyalty to him," says Biden. All hail the king. Long live the secret kill list!

9/6, 9:37 PM: Fear mongering Biden reminds the crowd of the 2008 economic crises that was caused by their campaign contributors like Goldman Sachs.

9/6, 9:35 PM: Biden appeals to American exceptionalism. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and all the ammunition he's ordering. 

9/6, 9:30 PM: VP Joe Biden in the house! Here he is with bankster Jon Corzine - former Goldman Sachs CEO.