Justin Bieber Loses to One Direction, Lady Gaga Perfume Ad and the Top 10 Moments at the MTV Video Music Awards


Friday night were the MTV Video Music Awards and boy did they give us some water cooler fodder for today. Pink flew, Amber Rose is pregnant, and Frank Ocean moved us. Here are the top 10 moments from the 2012 VMA's. 

1. Twilight is coming.

Twihards were finally given a sneak peek of the final movie. And for everyone else we can all rejoice that the madness is over. So hang tight little spider monkeys.

2. Boy Bands are Back.

One Direction took home two moonmen for their video "What Makes you Beautiful." They beat out Justin Bieber for best pop video, thus proving five guys are better than one. They also captured Best New Artist.

Forget about Green Day's Broadway show, at the VMA's they proved to us again that they're a rock force. They played "Let Yourself Go" and invited fans on stage to mosh (somewhat controlled though).

4. Frank Ocean Likes Camping.

Frank Ocean's performance of his song "Thinking of You" was a slower, quieter moment at the Staples Center. It also raised the question, is it even possible to have an intimate moment at the VMAs.

5. The Fame Can be Pretty Scary.

The first full-length commercial for this black perfume (it's the first perfume to be black) aired and it was terrifying. Maybe scarier than the commercial is the fact that this perfume was the one rumored to have blood and semen in every bottle -- and it does ... kinda.

Psy, is a South Korean internet sensation. His music video "Gangnam Style" has over one hundred million views (I've seen it 100 times easy) and he signed with J-Biebers manage. He is aiming to be the first Korean popstar to make it in the USA. 


Rihanna was sitting and joking around with Katy Perry for most of the night until she snagged the Video of the Year award for "We Found Love." She performed a pretty scandalous number on top of a throne with gold clad dancers to begin the night.

Comedian host Kevin Hart had a very rare and wonderful opportunity to call out stars on being well ... themselves. The Drake and Chris Brown bottle fight led to a very long winded joke about Drake being Canadian and recycling the bottle ... weak. Not a horrible performance but not epic. 

I love Taylor Swift. That being said, I love her because she seems relatable and goofy. I enjoy that she calls out all her ex-boyfriends and seems to have such a quirky style. Her VMA performace started off great and she was a surprisingly better dancer than I imagined --  she even did a graceful stage dive in her where's Waldo-esque attire. But it went sour when she started the play-acting and tried too hard to seem like a sassy Queen Bee.

Rebel Wilson and The Wanted presented an award together. The onstage chemistry between them was awkward but the most questionable aspect of the whole thing was Rebel Wilson's bikini shirt ... and what was revealed when she moved the potato chip bag.